About us

What's TE?

TE is the union of the initials of the English words Travel and Experience. But it is also the desire to give importance to the essence of each of us and of what we like to do, that makes us happy.

More precisely, TE is a site that connects creators of unique experiences in a territory to be discovered, with people who want to get excited and live their time on the road in an engaging way.

Our experiences are tailored to you

Do you want to learn or improve your techniques working side by side with a professional craftsman, a shepherd, a farmer, a fisherman, a starred chef? Do you simply want to enrich your trip to Italy by spending a few hours creating a unique recipe? No matter what your goal, TE has something suitable for each of you.


You will dive into the world of true Made in Italy and you will learn ancient techniques from real professionals.


You will approach a more slow and sustainable way of travelling, helping us to protect our traditions and our beautiful landscapes.

FIAT 600

You will discover unique itineraries outside the most popular routes.


We will cater to your wishes and needs. We will make you live an authentic and unforgettable experience.