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When we travel

We are increasingly looking for an immersive experience, which leads us to know a place from the inside and its authenticity, to interact with the people of the place, to understand their history and their tradions


Traditions and Emotions

For bringing back unforgettable memories

The greatest traveller of all time, Ulysses, already knew this: this is why Dante, a famous pilgrim, put in his mouth the famous verses: “Nothing was able to win in Odysseus “the ardor” of “becoming an expert in the world, and of human vices and value” and so exhorted his companions: “do not want to deny the experience”(…)”facts were not to live like brutes,/but to follow virtute and canoscenza”.

Times have changed, from travelers we have become tourists. But that desire to “become the expert of the world” and to “not deny the experience” is always alive, today more than ever.


For knowing Italy as an Italian

Experience comes from the Latin “experiens”, present participle of “experiri” which means to try, to experiment, to test. And experiential tourism is just that: a holiday during which to get out of your comfort zone to try, experiment, test yourself.
It is a new way of conceiving the journey – but at the same time the oldest – more intimate and deep, which goes beyond relaxing on a sunny beach, but which leads to the real knowledge of the places and the people who emphasize their natural beauty. The experience lies in entering through a reality, to create interactions with local people and their traditions, to get a true knowledge of the places you visit, to enjoy the most genuine atmosphere: a personal and emotional enrichment, a benefit that lasts much longer than mere rest.

Vino rosé


For experience Italy in a deepest way

Experiential tourism is like a diamond with many facets: in fact, we often speak of “conscious tourism”, because the in-depth knowledge of a place and its traditions, leads to a certain knowledge of other realities-from-us and often we go home, as well as with a baggage of indelible memories, also with a greater “awareness”. This mix leads us to a greater attention to the environment and a higher consideration of the available resources.
Visiting a place where there is no running water, for example, leads us to turn off the tap while soaping the dishes. Knowing the housewife, custodian of the best recipes of traditional cuisine, inspires us to put in place anti-waste strategies, to take advantage of what you have in the fridge. Walking for days in nature or from one village to another, makes us think about how easily we use the car in everyday life.
It is an increasingly popular way of travelling, which acts as an antidote to the frenzy of everyday life, which accompanies the traveler to discover hidden gems, different cultures and local products, in full compliance with slow rhythms, so as to capture every little detail, with a strong emphasis on sustainability and respect for the environment.